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Our team combines multiple skills and expertise that are needed to support web3 projects. Over the years, we have developed a robust track record in successfully bootstrapping crypto networks, and established a large network of reliable partners in this space.

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Pierre Laurent - Co-founder - without colorsPierre Laurent - Co-founder - with colors
Pierre Laurent
The Connectoooor
Gabriel Rebibo - Co-founder - without colorsGabriel Rebibo - Co-founder - with colors
Gabriel Rebibo
The Finance
William Piquard - Co-founder - without colorsWilliam Piquard - Co-founder - with colors
William Piquard
The OG
Hamza el Khalloufi - Research Director - without colorsHamza el Khalloufi - Research Director - with colors
Hamza el Khalloufi
Research Director
Chloé Semaan - Research Associate - without colorsChloé Semaan - Research Associate - with colors
Chloé Semaan
Research Associate
Phoebe Beigbeder - Business Analyst - without colorsPhoebe Beigbeder - Business Analyst - with colors
Phoebe Beigbeder
Business Analyst
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We help pioneering teams bootstrapping crypto networks and protocols.