Our Credentials


Over a couple of years, we have incubated some of the most promising crypto projects, notably facilitating their fundraising rounds, adding up to more than EUR35m in capital and recruiting over 100 employees.

Succesfully raised from
Crypto Funds
  • A16Z Crypto - logoA16Z Crypto - active logo
    A16Z Crypto
  • Coinbase Ventures - logoCoinbase Ventures - active logo
    Coinbase Ventures
  • Cherry - logoCherry - active logo
  • Mechanism Capital - logoMechanism Capital - active logo
    Mechanism Capital
  • Stake Capital - logoStake Capital - active logo
    Stake Capital
  • Zee Prime - logoZee Prime - active logo
    Zee Prime
  • Cumberland - logoCumberland - active logo
  • Nascent - logoNascent - active logo
  • Noia - logoNoia - active logo
  • Angel DAO - logoAngel DAO - active logo
    Angel DAO
  • Semantic Ventures - logoSemantic Ventures - active logo
    Semantic Ventures
Tech Funds
  • Kima Ventures - logoKima Ventures - active logo
    Kima Ventures
  • White Star - logoWhite Star - active logo
    White Star
  • Alven - logoAlven - active logo
  • Serena - logoSerena - active logo
  • Launchub - logoLaunchub - active logo
Our Credentials


Atka has advised 15+ established projects from a strategic, operational and technical standpoint.

Our Credentials


We offer the opportunity to learn more about the crypto ecosystem through a personalized 3 x 4-hour training that covers the essentials for each business sector

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We help pioneering teams bootstrapping crypto networks and protocols.