Our vision

Crypto networks are here to stay, they will be the foundation of a new Internet paradigm enabling financial & social freedom in a more immersive digital world.


Building from the ground-up a system challenging the status-quo is incredibly complex. Projects and individuals are bound to evolve in an ecosystem deeply affected by speculative and scammy behaviors. It's the Far West out here, avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls will definitely make a difference.



Founded by 3 passionate crypto experts in 2018, Atka is here to separate the wheat from the chaff. Since the many years we've worked in this space, our long term vision remained unchanged throughout many different markets cycles.


We are on a mission to do our part to make this vision a reality. We aim at providing strategic, financial, and operational support to talented builders in their endeavor. We want to help teams build relevant and sustainable technology and products, adding another brick to make a better Internet.

Value proposition

Value proposition

Over the years, we have accompanied large crypto protocols grow their ecosystem, corporates investigate blockchain technology and design crypto-related products, and early-stage crypto projects bootstrap their protocols, platforms and products

Our team

Our team combines multiple skills and expertise that are needed to support web3 projects. Over the years, we have developed a robust track record in successfully bootstrapping crypto networks, and established a large network of reliable partners in this space.

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Pierre Laurent - Co-founder - without colorsPierre Laurent - Co-founder - with colors
Pierre Laurent
The Connectoooor
Gabriel Rebibo - Co-founder - without colorsGabriel Rebibo - Co-founder - with colors
Gabriel Rebibo
The Finance
William Piquard - Co-founder - without colorsWilliam Piquard - Co-founder - with colors
William Piquard
The OG
Hamza el Khalloufi - Research Director - without colorsHamza el Khalloufi - Research Director - with colors
Hamza el Khalloufi
Research Director
Chloé Semaan - Research Associate - without colorsChloé Semaan - Research Associate - with colors
Chloé Semaan
Research Associate
Max Feyler - Analyst - without colorsMax Feyler - Analyst - with colors
Max Feyler
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