Atka, end-to-end crypto incubator

We help pioneering teams bootstrapping crypto networks and protocols.

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The whole Atka team around the table
Our vision

We help you grow in Web3

We are at the dawn of a new internet paradigm. Crypto networks, protocols and projects will be the bedrock technologies empowering users of tomorrow’s financial system, web3 and the open metaverse.

Our activities

We are the strategic partners to support your project throughout its different steps of development


Starting a Crypto business is hard and adversarial: this industry is ever evolving and full of pitfalls. Having been fully immerged in this ecosystem for more than 10 years, we'll help navigate its rough landscape to bootstrap your project on strong foundations.


Crypto is still in its infancy, but is growing at an incredible pace, which makes it a very exciting research field. Our dedicated research team works on defining models to assign fair theoretical valuations for cryptocurrencies and utility tokens.


Atka provides corporate advisory services to established crypto protocols, non-crypto SMEs or large corporates.


Our mission consists in facilitating crypto adoption, for corporates, future engineers and business decision-makers, but also for a mainstream audience.

Meet our full team
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Pierre Laurent
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Gabriel Rebibo
William Piquard - Co-founder - without colorsWilliam Piquard - Co-founder - with colors
William Piquard

Our Team

We are crypto enthusiasts

Our team combines multiple skills and expertise that are needed to support web3 projects. Over the years, we have developed a robust track record in successfully bootstrapping crypto networks, and established a large network of reliable partners in this space.

Trusted by web3 builders, companies and protocols

Since 2018, Atka has been helping projects, from early stage startups to large corporates, to develop a value proposition aligned with the web3 paradigm.

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We help pioneering teams bootstrapping crypto networks and protocols.