End-to-end advisory for blockchain projects

Value Proposition

Atka is the go-to advisory firm for blockchain projects by weighing all organizational, regulatory and technological challenges while operating with full transparency and integrity

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Atka aims to be the trusted strategic and financial advisor for blockchain projects, cryptocurrency trading firms and institutional players investigating the potential of decentralized protocols

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Atka advises on the development of blockchain projects utilizing its extensive network of tech, security, legal, compliance, and PR experts

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Atka is a dynamic team of three people with complimentary skills who previously developed European markets for Gatecoin, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Asia…

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… with a robust track record in advisory for corporate and blockchain projects

Business Verticals

Atka offers tailor made services based on our analysis of the space along three major verticals, and the identification of the major pain points in each of these industries

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Crypto projects

Since 2016, we have assisted 20+ of the most successful and pioneering crypto projects to solve their operational, strategic, financial and marketing issues. We know the do’s & don’ts for a project, and how to structure it to maximize the probability of success

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Corporations investigating blockchain

With our experience in strategy consulting, financial services and IT, we understand the logic and challenges of larger firms and can help key decision makers define blockchain projects that suit their needs

Main Projects

Atka Training

Since early 2020, Atka is officially registered and labeled as a training establishment with the French authorities

Our Team

Our experience at Gatecoin (Hong Kong & Europe) and our first years at Atka led us to work closely with dozens of successful blockchain projects. Passionate about this emerging ecosystem, each of us have also spent time advising projects on a personal level.

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